Some 20th Century Events


Year          World & National                                          Merthyr & Troedyrhiw       


1900          Paris World Exhibition opens.                                                             

                  Kodak ‘Brownie’ camera introduced.

                  Maiden Zeppelin voyage.

1901          Queen Victoria dies.

                  President McKinley assassinated

                  Baked beans introduced to Bitain.

1902          Trans-Siberian Railway opens.

                  Aswan dam finished.

1903          Wright brothers’ first flight.

                  Pierre & Marie Curie win Nobel prize.

                  First Teddy bears go on sale.

1904          Pavlov wins Nobel Prize.

                  Deaf-blind Helen Keller graduates.

                  Peter Pan opens in West End.

1905          Einstein publishes theory of relativity.               County Borough status achieved.

                  Potemkin mutiny & unrest in Russia.                New Post Office opened in John St.

                  Pizza makes its debut in New York.                 CBC motto – ‘Not Force, but Fellowship’.

1906          San Francisco earthquake.                             The Fountain erected.

                  Rolls Royce Silver Ghost introduced.              120 Orthodox Jews emigrate to Canada.

                  Kellogs cereal company founded.                   Treharris librarian paid £65 p.a.

1907          Record immigration into USA.

                  Boy Scouts formed.

                  Picasso painting shocks Paris.

1908          Model T Ford introduced.                                MTBC Police & fire Service formed.

                  Jack Johnson – heavyweight champ.              Coracles search Taff for lost boy at Quak Yd.

                  London hosts Olympic Games.

1909          Bleriot first to fly channel.                                 Cyfartha Castle purchased from Ironmasters.

                  Electric toaster invented.                        

                  Peary reaches North Pole.

1910          Halley’s Comet fever spreads.                         Cyfartha Castle opens as Museum & Gallery.

                  Jazz emerges from New Orleans.                   Bernard Shaw campaigns for Kier Hardy.

                  South Africa establishes Union                        Dowlais has largest Spanish Community in UK.

1911          China becomes a republic.                              Merthyr CBC has highest population of 80,991.

                  First Hollywood film studio.

                  Nijinsky stars at Ballet Russes.


1912          Titanic tragedy.                                                 Town hosts Indep. Labour Party Conference.

                  SOS signal adopted.                                       16,000 colliers mine 3 million tons of coal.

                  ‘Continental drift’ theory revealed.                    King George V and Queen Mary visit Dowlais.

1913          Ford inroduces the assembly line.                   Edwardsville hit by devastating tornado.

                  Suffragette killed at Epsom Derby.

                  Grand Central station, NYC opens.

1914          World War 1 begins.                                        S.S. Merthyr & S.S. Dowlais in service.

                  Tarzan created by E.R. Burroughs.

Zip fastener machine invented.

1915          Lusitania sunk by U-boats.

                  Poison gas used at Ypres.

                  Allies abondon Gallipoli.

1916          Verdun and Jutland battles.                              Merthyr raises £1,250, 000 for WW1 tanks.

                  Rasputin murdered.

                  Coca cola bottle designed.

1917          Russian revolution.                                          J Collins of Penydarren wins V.C. & D.C.M.

                  USA enters WW1.

                  ‘Buffalo Bill’ dies.

1918          WW1 ends.

                  Tsar and family massacred.

                  First women’s votes in British election.

1919          United Artists formed.           

                  Lady Astor is first female MP.

                  Alcock & Brown fly the Atlantic.

1920          Prohibition begins in USA.                               I. Edwards-Bedlinog-soccer-Wolves & Wales.

                  Agatha Christie introduces Hercule Poirot.      Sir Glanmor Williams born in Dowlais.

                  Handheld hairdryer unveiled.

1921          Irish Free State established.                            Kitty Evans of Dowlais possible IRA gunrunner.

                  Banting & Best discover insulin.

                  Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid costs £310,000.

1922          Tutankhamun’s tomb discovered by Carter.     R C Wallhead becomes M.P. for Merthyr.

                  BBC radio founded.                                        First sheep dog trials held at Gurnos Farm.

                  Johnny Weismuller swims 100m in 58.6s.        Quakers Yard Grammar School opens.

1923          Hyperinflation hits Germany.

                  Interpol set up.

                  Marathon dance craze begins in USA.

1924          Lenin dies.                                                       Gwaunfarren Baths opened.

                  Paavo Nurmi wins 5 Paris Olympic golds.       Cuthbert Taylor is British 5st 7lb champion.

                  Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue first performed. C. B. bus service begins with 9 buses.

1925          Hitler publishes Mein Kampf.                            Arthur Lewis wins S Wales Challenge Cup.

                  J Scopes found guilty in ‘Monkey trial’.            Designer Laura Ashley born in Dowlais.

                  Leica introduce their 35mm camera.

1926          General Strike in Britain.                                  No Merthyr ‘blacklegs’ in General Strike.

                  Hirohito becomes Japanese Emperor.


1927          Lindburgh conquers the Atlantic.                      Taf Fechan reservoir opens.

                  The Jazz Singer is first ‘talkie’.                         Female Merthyr mayor – Mary Ann Edwards.

                  Dancer Isadora Duncan killed.

1928          Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin.           Castle Cinema Merthyr built with 1,800 seats.

                  British women over 21 get vote.                      Dr Frank Davies on Byrd’s Antarctic Expedition.

                  Walt Disney introduces Mickey Mouse.

1929          Wall Street Crash

                  St Valentines Day Massacre.

                  Popeye makes his debut.

1930          Ghandi leads protest march to Indian coast.    Thomas Lewis of Troedyrhiw awarded D.S.M.

                  A new ‘planet’, Pluto, is discovered.                 Merthyr unemployed on ‘Hunger March’

                  R101 airship crashes on maiden flight.            250 English policemen based in Bedlinog.

1931          Empire State Building opens.                           Pendrill Varrier Jones of Troedyrhiw knighted.

                  National Government of Ramsey MacDonald. Bronze War Memorial erected in Merthyr.

                  Malcolm Campbell sets land S.R. of 246mph.

1932          Depression hits Western World hard.              Royal visit to Dowlais by Prince George.

                  F.D. Roosevelt becomes US president.

                  Stanley Matthews debuts for Stoke at 17.

1933          Hitler becomes German Chancellor                Viscountess Astor MP opens Dowlais nursery.

                  King Kong is smash hit.

                  Cricket’s ‘bodyline’ controversy.

1934          Mao Tse-tung’s Long March.                            Wal Harrington is Communist candidate.

                  Germany’s ‘Night of the long knives’.               Aberfan Jazz Band British & Col Champions.

                  Bonnie & Clyde shot dead.                              Trevithick Memorial erected at Pontmorlais.

1935          Shirley Temple is youngest Oscar winner.

                  Mussolini invades Abbysinia (Ethiopia).

                  Gibson produces their electric guitar.

1936          Spanish Civil War begins.                                Pentrebach Centre for Unemployed’ opens.  

.                 Jarrow March (Tyneside to London).               King Edward visits Dowlais Works remains.

                  Edward VIII abdicates.                                     Carnegie Library opens in Merthyr.

1937          The Hindenburg explodes in flames.                L. Rogers of Cefn serves in  ‘International

                  Golden Gate bridge opens.                             Brigade in Spanish Civil War.

                  Japan invades China.