Next year will mark the 190th anniversary of the founding of Saron Chapel in Troedyrhiw. In 1820 the original chapel members began to meet in the Old Mill which was situated somewhere near to either the Garfield building on Cardiff Road or Costcutters on the Square. Later they moved for a while to the Harp Inn which was located approximately where ‘Shiptons’ garage now stands. By 1835 the adult congregation and the scholars of the Sunday School had reached such numbers that a permanent base was required and so the first chapel building was constructed on part of the present site. In its turn even this was found to be inadequate and by 1852 a larger chapel had been constructed together with its surrounding graveyard.

From its elevated position on the valley side Saron looked down confidently, through good times and bad, as the village grew and developed below. This was, for a number of years, unarguably the most important place in Troedyrhiw. It was here that many local people came to find spiritual support, for educational, cultural and other community activities and, finally, to be laid to rest in what they believed would always be tranquil and undisturbed surroundings.
When we look today at the sad effects of over a quarter of a century of neglect combined with a significant degree of mindless vandalism it is easy to lose sight of the importance of this location as one of the few remaining concrete local links with our past. As such, we strongly believe that this unique site is well worth saving so that we can enjoy it ourselves and pass it on to future generations in a condition which pays due respect to the memories of our forbears who deserve to be allowed to rest in the peace which they rightly expected was their due.

Our group is currently only a small one and we desperately need more people to join us and help us to build on the modest beginning which we have made. Our aims could include working to bring about the following but are not ‘cast in stone’ and we can assure all who do join us that everyone’s views and ideas will carry equal weight:-

Restoration of a derelict site, removing a hazard and an eyesore and creating an amenity.
Conserving a site of historical significance in a way which shows respect for the departed.
• Engaging local people of all ages in a community project they can feel pride in.
Discouraging antisocial behaviour by promoting positive attitudes.
Providing a focus for educational activities related to local history and the environment.
Leaving a legacy which future generations will be grateful for.

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